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Timber truss creation and manufacturing are services now offered by Pacific Western Lumber. Using heavy timbers, or glu-lam beams, with your ideas and/or completed drawings we can create and build the Timber Trusses for any project.

“Send us an idea scribbled on a simple piece of paper..”

Send us an idea scribbled on a simple piece of paper and we will provide artistic, structural and shop drawings prior to building your Timber Trusses. Send us your completed, structural drawings and we will drill, fit and finish your Timber Trusses to the exact specifications.

Pacific Western has completed projects in commercial and residential Timber Trusses. We can match existing or imagined fit and finishes when constructing your desired building or house.

All Timber Truss packages are pre-stained and pre-assembled in the factory to insure a perfect fit. The Timber Trusses are wrapped and shipped as pre-assembled as transportation will allow.