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Kiln-Dried 4×4

Available in both Douglas Fir and Hem-Fir in all grades with the primary emphasis on Appearance Grade.

Dried to 19%

All material is thoroughly dried to 19% moisture content for added stability and resistance to checking and splitting. All grades of Kiln Dried 4×4 contain a “Heat-treated” stamp. We market this product on an exclusive basis with regional distributors in many but not all areas of the U.S. There are many advantages to using Kiln Dried 4×4.

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Kiln Dried 4×4 is available in the following grades: Appearance Grade, Standard & Better, Utility & Economy

Appearance Grade

Kiln Dried to 19% Doug Fir

Grade Description:

Additional Requirements: Pencil Wane only (eased edge), Light to No Skips (10% of pieces, 10% of length), Minimum Seasoning Checks, Occasional 1″ knot Holes (10% of pieces), Maximum 4″ Bark Seams, 10-15% D & Btr. included, 90% FOHC

Lengths: 8′-20′ Trimmed to customer specifications; Demand is primarily for 8′, 10′, & 12′ lengths
Packaging: 91 pcs., pulled to length and paper wrapped


Kiln Dried Product: Yardability, less cracking and twisting, lack of sap stain, reduced shipping costs, superior point of purchase appeal.

Inventory Turns: Design only the tallies you need (8′ – 20′), kiln dried products yields less fall down, limited distribution means less competition, more profit and faster inventory turns.

Products Usage: Designed for the home center trade as well as the furniture and treated markets.

Standard & Better Grade

* Kiln Dried for Stability
* “Heat Treated” stamp for government projects
* Allows skip and wane per grade specifications

Utility Grade

* Kiln Dried for stability, not just heat treated
* “Heat Treated” stamped to meet all packaging needs.

Economy Grade

* Suitable for dunnage applications or re-manufacture
* “Heat Treated” stamped