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Badger Board update

Cadman just used the Badger Board™ they purchased and the results were great. They sprayed the face with lubricant and the panel released from the concrete without a problem. They really liked the weight of the 1-1/8 x 15″ x 16′ Badger Board™ and the smooth finish it left behind. It’s a lot lighter than the water logged Grn Douglas Fir 2×12’s they’ve been using for years. Now we need to see how many uses they get out of it.

I will keep you all posted and please have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Badger up!

Canadian Custom Cut

PacWest has, in reaction to the shortage of raw material this year, joint ventured Douglas Fir custom cuts in Vancouver BC.

The Douglas Fir Timbers produced have been milled from logs harvested on Vancouver Island. The logs were transported to the mill via water and manufactured at Mainland Sawmills in Vancouver BC.

The resulting timbers are fine grain and have a very high appearance for the Timber Frame market.

To view the complete gallery, please visit the PacWest Facebook page.

Thanks and enjoy the pics!

Hip Hop Hot!

Hop poles are hot! Due to several market conditions, the availability of this product has diminished. The proliferation of boutique breweries and a change in buying philosophies by corporate entities has all contributed to a shortage of poles. Please plan ahead this year and call us early for next Springs’ deliveries!

Please visit the agricultural section of our website for more information on hop poles.

Hop Poles