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Badger Board update

Cadman just used the Badger Board™ they purchased and the results were great. They sprayed the face with lubricant and the panel released from the concrete without a problem. They really liked the weight of the 1-1/8 x 15″ x 16′ Badger Board™ and the smooth finish it left behind. It’s a lot lighter than the water logged Grn Douglas Fir 2×12’s they’ve been using for years. Now we need to see how many uses they get out of it.

I will keep you all posted and please have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Badger up!

New Dowel Facility

Announcing New Dowel Facility
Zedco 800-4KSL

PacWest announces a new production facility in Craigmont Idaho. We have installed a new Zedco 800-4KSL Dowell production machine. This is dowel material designed for use in the Log Home market as porch posts and building components. These continuous diameter dowels are well suited for the agricultural and equine markets. The dowels can serve as jump rails and fencing for horse farms and jumping arenas. These dowels would be a wonderful upgrade for your vineyard or orchard. We can have the dowels pressure treated, to your specifications, or ship the dowels.

The Craigmont continuous diameter dowels are primarily manufactured from Lodgepole Pine and Western White Spruce. Both species of wood are very accepting of waterborne treatments and can add a stylish brown tone to the dowels.

The mill is capable of producing up to 2 million feet of dowels per annum and packages all material in square units for ease in loading and unloading the dowels.

Dowel sizes available:
Continuous Diameters – 2″ to 8″
Lengths – 6′ to 20′

Hip Hop Hot!

Hop poles are hot! Due to several market conditions, the availability of this product has diminished. The proliferation of boutique breweries and a change in buying philosophies by corporate entities has all contributed to a shortage of poles. Please plan ahead this year and call us early for next Springs’ deliveries!

Please visit the agricultural section of our website for more information on hop poles.

Hop Poles